From small to large, simple to complex, A&S Manufacturing Company designs and builds metal stamping tooling and fixtures using the right blend of equipment and expertise. With over 60 years of toolmaker experience, we design, build and repair all of our own and our customers’ metal stamping dies, assembly fixtures, brake tooling, and QC fixtures in-house on state-of the-art equipment.

Our metal tooling capabilities include:

  • Metal stamping dies
  • Brake tooling
  • Assembly fixtures
  • QC fixtures

We also know that precision and accuracy are critical. That’s why we use CNC grinding machines for extreme, repeatable accuracy and precision grinding. This includes accuracy on difficult parts requiring contour grinding, angles, tapers, spheres, radii, and cutoffs. You can be certain that our processing is consistent, repeatable, and identical.

And, because we believe in going above and beyond for our customers we offer 24-hour turnaround repair service, and truck pickup and delivery in the tri-state area.


Our Equipment:

  • Brown & Sharpe CMM – PFx Belt Drive
  • 2 1999 6 X 12 Ballway Harig Surface Grinders
  • 1 1999 Automatic Pistorius Production Cut-off Saw
  • 1 1997 Chevalier 16 X 20 CNC Surface Grinder
  • 1 Dake Euromatic 370 PPL Saw
  • 1 Timesaver Wet
  • 1 Timesaver Dry

Our customers rely on our exceptional expertise and equipment to produce high quality metal stamping dies and tooling—and they rave about our customer service that’s second to none. Find out how we can help you get what you want, when you want it by contacting us today.