Years of Experience

Metal stamping, CNC milling, tool & die work, assembly and finishing company. Quality is always our first priority.

At A&S Manufacturing Company, we do things a little different. For example, when was the last time you heard about a manufacturer that shipped INTO Mexico? Or, has your current supplier offered to open up a consignment warehouse near your facility to reduce your shipping costs and provide “just-in-time” delivery? We do this and so much more every day. For over 29 years we have been focused on satisfying our customers. We provide manufacturing at the highest quality with the quickest turnaround while always looking for innovative improvements. We do this in order to help our customers reduce costs and achieve faster time to market with a guaranteed quality that they know they can trust.

Better Pricing and Faster Turnaround

  • Vertical and Horizontal Milling – Our continuous run, made in the USA milling machines allow us to keep our overhead to a minimum and deliver quality work faster
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication – All sheering is done in-house and we pass the savings on to you
  • Just-in-time Delivery – We can set up consignment warehouses where you need them to reduce shipping costs and save you time on delivery
  • Rapid Delivery – We offer 24-hour turnaround services (including repair service) and if you’re in the Philadelphia tri-state region we can personally pick up and deliver to your location
  • Control Cash Flow – We will stock parts in-house for your high runners, so there is immediate availability if needed. This is all done at no added expense to our customers.

Quality You Can Trust


We hold strict QC standards that our customers save on their in-house inspections by allowing only boxes that have the ASM logo on them to skip that step and go directly to the shelf, ready for assembly of the final product.


Our milling machines, using probes, will continuously check the accuracy of the parts and will automatically adjust the program if something goes out of the set tolerances. After it makes the said adjustments and still finds that the part is out of spec, the machine will shut down, not allowing any bad parts to be produced.


With over 60 years of toolmaker experience, our in- house tool and die makers do all building, repairs and maintenance.


CNC Milling Services

CNC Milling Services

  • Vertical and horizontal milling
  • Nonstop continuous machining
  • Numerous capabilities including but not
    limited to, steel, stainless steel, aluminum,
    copper and brass
Metal Stampings

Metal Stampings

  • Presses from 20 to 100 tons
  • Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and
    many plastics (foil to light plate)
  • Stamping and Forming – Short to long run
  • Coil, strip or blank feed
Tool and Die

Tool and Die

  • Design and build dies, tooling, fixtures,
    QC gauges
  • Maintenance, repair, and revisions

Say What We Do And Do What We Say Customer Service

We believe in doing it right the first time, every time. From quality work, to expert staff, to going the extra mile—to us, the only type of customer is a completely satisfied customer. This statement is more than a goal in our employee handbook, it is our promise to you. We believe you should get what you need, when you need it. Find out how we may be able to help you reduce costs and speed your time to market by contacting us today.


Find out how we can help you get exactly what you want, when you want it by contacting us today.